Listen Online
Click the link to get the online Shoutcast stream of the Instreamer (as M3U playlist) to play on your PC. For proper operation make sure you configure MP3 encoding and send always.

Active Connections

Lists all active TCP and BRTP connections to the Instreamer.
All TCP connections are listed. That includes web page access, Internet radios, raw TCP, Shoutcast and Icecast connections. A TCP connection is listed if and only if it's in the "established" state.


Streaming Mode
  • "send always" - the device streams permanently
  • "send on CTS" - the device streams if CTS input on RS-232 interface is activated
  • "send on I/O" - the device streams if the selected digital input is activated
  • "send on level" - the device streams if the input audio peak reaches the configured level
Audio Format
Displays the current streaming format and sampling frequency.

Audio Input

Peak Left and Right
The numbers [in dB full-scale] and the graphical VU meters show the peak values of the analog audio inputs (line or microphone).
Max. value is 0 dB.

Input Source
Displays the audio input selected as source for encoding.:
= input available but not selected = input selected
= input not available on the hardware


Current status of the device:
The unit is not sending any stream, neither providing data on listening ports (e.g. internet radio /xstream).
The unit is encoding audio, streaming to the configured destinations and/or serving clients with stream on the on configured network ports.

Start/Stop Buttons

In "send on..." modes the Instreamer functionality can be controlled with the "start" and "stop" buttons.


Status of the hardware flow control signals of the device's RS-232 iterface. The signals can be used as a control input or output to control the device or an attached equipment.

CTS in
Displays the status of the hardware CTS input signal:
= Inactive = Active
Click the "set" button to emulate CTS being activated.
Click the "clear" button to emulate CTS being deactivated.
Note: the emulated input is not displayed on the status page.

RTS out
Displays the status of the hardware RTS outpu signal:
= Inactive = Active
Click the "set" button to activate the RTS signal.
Click the "clear" button to deactivate the RTS signal.

Contact inputs

Displays status of the eight digital contact closure inputs (if available on the hardware):
= Idle = Active
= Not available on the hardware